Rosalind has trained reflexologists since 1993 and established her own reflexology school, the Bath Reflexology Centre, in 1995 training professional reflexologists. The school ran through the period of standardising reflexology training and setting National Occupational Standards and the National Curriculum. Rosalind was involved in the early stages of this process having been invited to take part as one of the group representing her professional body.

The school also offered introductory courses for people wanting to use reflexology for family and friends at home.

This school has now become the Complementary Therapy College since Rosalind took the decision to concentrate on her practice in 2013. The principal is Heidi Armstrong who is continuing the tradition of offering quality reflexology training together with main course tutor Sharon Lewis who worked alongside Rosalind for many years, both having worked with Rosalind since training with her in the 1990s. The College will also offer training in other holistic therapies, for more information please see Complementary Therapy College