How are you feeling?

Most of us are ruled by anxieties churning over in our thoughts, so that we are enslaved by our mind rather than using it to create our life and the world around us.

How can reflexology help?

Reflexology works to release tensions and restrictions: we are held back by the pain of anything which troubled us and has not been resolved (whether a week ago, a year ago, or half a century ago).

If you have a splinter, or painful tense shoulder muscles, it’s impossible not to feel the pain until it’s either removed or your body gradually builds up protective tissue around it until the nerves are numbed and your body can no longer feel it so acutely.

In exactly the same way painful emotional experiences may be processed and released, or become stuck and numbed.

Whether your trouble is physical or emotional, reflexology treatment can help to resolve issues and health problems and restore and maintain good health.

Working with someone holistically, in this way, means working with them in partnership because no one else can know the unique experiences that have shaped us into the individual we are.

Please take time to browse this website; if you feel that we can work with each other to resolve the ache or pain that is troubling you, do please get in touch with me, either to ask what reflexology treatment can offer, or to book an appointment.

For reflexology training please refer to the Complementary Therapy College.

Rosalind Oxenford, M.A.R, Reflexologist